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Oogai Hiroshi
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Company Profile

J-star Patent & Trade mark・Immigration lawyer office is a group of
professionals specializing in intellectual property right, company legal
affairs, and English contracts. We are here to provide you with
high quality services through ongoing refining of our knowledge and skills.
The wide range of fields we handle includes company establishment,
patent application, trademark application, and so forth. In addition,
we can also use English to handle various matters with flexibility.
We collectively provide a wide-range of legal services, such as company
establishment, intellectual property right, residence status, and English
contracts, as well as offering these at fair and reasonable prices.


Patents and Trade marks

J-star Patent & Trade mark ・Immigration lawyer office can handle all matters regarding intellectual properties, from
patent/trademark investigation to patent/trademark application, proxy contracting/negotiation, as well as responding to
lawsuits relating to intellectual property right.

If you are overseas and wish to establish a new business in Japan, we can take care of all required procedures by
providing an overall legal service in English to help you acquire patent/trademark right, seal contract with an agency,
acquire residence status and establish your company, etc.

The advantage of using our all-in-one service that includes the above legal matters is the affordable fees we offer.
At J-star we have patent attorneys and immigration lawyers on standby at all times, making efforts to help our clients
solve legal issues and provide services to satisfy their needs.

弊社は、弁理士及びImmigration lawyer が、常駐し、日々、クライアント様の法的な課題解決に全力で、サービスを提供し、

Residence Status

Our immigration lawyer can act on your behalf to apply for marriage visa, working
visa, naturalization or other types of status at the immigration office.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions about matters related to
establishing a business in Japan, such as the acquisition of working visa, or application for permanent residence, or naturalization.

J-star国際特許商標・行政書士事務所は、Immigration lawyerがご依頼主に代わって、

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